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Review-Brett Gets Hammered, Author David D. D’Aguanno

20 Aug


Brett Gets Hammered

Brett Gets Hammered by David D. D’Aguanno

About the Book

A story from the Brett Cornell Series of a private detective and a case that he is invited to find out if a murder occurred.  He jumps in and thinks he will bed one of the children of the deceased that hires him to find out if there was a murder  for an inheritance reason.


The story jumps right in with great character development of the lead man who is incorrigible (A conceited ***).  He is so full of himself and believes, in my words, he is the ladies’ man of ladies men It was the first time reading something from the series and also from the author and I enjoyed it very much.

There was a great play with the main character of making others pissed at him and what made me even think he was an arrogant person.  This was great writing and a story that pulled you into the story and being part of what was actually occurring.


The following is my opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt.  I found myself going oh boy this character is too over the top but realized that there are people out there like that so it should not be a real bad thing, just hopefully I never run into someone like this character.  I will say that it was a great read but parts of it, like most good stories, had a point which would have progressed a bit faster.  It was not enough to make me put the book down though.  I am not the grammar or punctuation police, but there were a few errors that even I noticed, but nothing to take away from a great story.

Review Rating 

I use three ratings

Read NOW: Pick it up now and read.

Put it in the stack: This represents the stack of books you have that are not a priority.

Put on the bookshelf: Every story should be read.  These sit on your bookshelf and sometimes you have nothing in the stack, so you go to the bookshelf and pull it out.  A bad book is better than good tv.

This book receives a Read Now, which would be the equivalent to 5 stars, for those who are wondering.  I enjoyed this book and will be on the look for more in the series and will make sure to start at the beginning of the series, even though with this book you do not need to have read earlier stories.

Enjoy your day and read as you will have a new story to live in. X

Reviewed: Xavier Zyta

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