Our History

Once upon a time, a long time ago. No seriously we started http://www.hotlitbooks.org out of necessity really. We are author’s ourselves first and foremost and we had a difficult time finding a place to display our work for FREE! So with an idea and a computer Hotlit Books was born. We noticed that most of the markets out there were charging authors an arm, a leg and their first born to list their books on their sites and we thought this was ridiculous and quite frankly…WRONG.

We love books and authors so we started Hotlit Books as a way to pay back all of the years of entertainment that books have given us as well as an outlet to showcase our own work. Now almost a year later we have featured almost a dozen authors and reviewed several books and we have become a certified non-profit organization for self-published authors, the only one on the internet (at least that we know about).

We think our organization is pretty great and we hope you do too! We are really happy that you have stopped by our blog and we hope that you visit our main site too. Please support us in supporting the literary arts by stopping by our site and telling all your friends.

Thanks Again & KEEP WRITING!

Gabriella Deveraux


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